Yoga for Beginners, and Losing Weight at Home

Yoga is a wonderful method for stress relief, as well as keeping your body in a good fit shape. However, for some people it’s hard to make time for gym, for others it’s hard to afford the gym membership itself. Therefore, let’s talk about yoga practices at your own home.

If you don’t have time or money for the gym and expensive yoga classes, but you still want to have a beautiful fit body, calm mind, and sharp brain, we’ve got the solution for you! Practice yoga not a mile farther than your own home. Yes, you are going to need a lot of motivation and determination than if you would do it at the gym with yoga/fitness trainer, but think about the sweet results that you can achieve on your own! And we will show you’re the way.

 Download the Video Yoga Courses for Beginners

If your desire to practice yoga is not based on learning to become a yoga teacher, and you are not planning to profess Indian philosophy and religion to help people to discover their inner peace, then I suggest you start practice yoga very slowly by downloading the course of hatha yoga first.

When you download the hatha yoga course, it will give you an opportunity to see and understand how to perform different exercises, as well as leaning the right breathing technics. You will also be able to see how graceful and mindful yoga teachers’ movements are.

Hatha yoga is very popular these days, and you won’t have problems finding hatha yoga course online for free. After you do your research on hatha yoga courses you will see that they all similar to each other, and the main difference is the teachers, their voice, and practice speed.

How to Execute Asana on Your Own

The primary exercises in hatha yoga called – asana. Of course, if you decided to practice yoga on your own for weight loose, or for flexibility, you have to learn how to perform different types of asana by yourself by concentrating on your feeling and your body. Yoga practices should not be painful.

Also, as mentioned above, the breathing is very important in yoga as well. Inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. The breathing should follow the change of the pose in asana. When pulling – inhale, when relaxing – exhale.

If you are practicing yoga for the first time, your body might seem to you very tight. However, don’t be so tough on yourself in the beginning.  Keep practicing and your body will gain softness and flexibility very soon. Consistency is the key in that aspect.

When you first start your practices you need to focus on your body and your feelings, so you won’t get hurt. But if that happened, slow down and reduce the tension of your practice. Remember, yoga is a comfort and relaxation.

How Often and How Long Yoga Practices Should Last

Consistency. This advice will give you any coach, whether it’s a yoga teacher, fitness trainer, or diet nutritionist. Consistency and intension are the key to success in yoga. In the beginning, practice yoga 3-5 times a week for 40-50 minutes.

Even better if you could choose certain days and time for practice. This way, your body will get used to practices the same time every day and, for sure, when you miss out on practice, your body will let your know. Remember, to get the best results your practices should be consistent.

Healthy Eating

If you are in the beginning of your lifestyle change, then it’s best to go see diet nutritionist to find the right healthy lifestyle for you. It should not be a “diet”; it should be your new lifestyle that you have to get used to. If you are on a diet, sooner or later you will “crush”, and all your attempts to lose wait were for nothing. So again, you should find healthy lifestyle that is right for you!

From my experience, I can say that to lose weight its one story. The hardest part, however, is to keep the same weight over a long period of time. To do that, the sweets, oily, and fried food need to go away from your daily routine.

Also, staying hydrated is the other very important part of healthy lifestyle. Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before food and don’t drink when you are eating. Make it a habit for yourself and your body will thank you big time! Did you know that sometimes when you think you are hungry in reality you are just thirsty? To avoid this “fake hunger” drink a lot of water or our special ginger cocktail.

Ginger Cocktail Recipe


  • Lemon – 1
  • Ginger root – 30g
  • Brown sugar or honey
  • Boiled water – 2l


Clean up the ginger root and cut it on small pieces, cover with a 0.5 liters of boiled water and simmer for 3 minutes. Let it cool down a bit. Squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon. Then take the water with ginger and fill it with lemon juice, cold water and brown sugar or honey.

A lot of yogis become vegetarians as they dig deeper into yoga. You might or might not become one of them, however, when practicing asana we often getting into poses where our head is lower than our stomach. So, you will feel the yammy dinner from last night that was full of meet, but unfortunately by stomach ache and discomfort, or even vomiting. Because of that, a lot of people become vegetarian.

For beginners it’s always best to start the practice before any heavy food: at least an hour or more after eating light food. And also, when performing asana do not drink.


For the best results in yoga practice, whatever your reasons for joining yoga might be, it’s always important to enjoy the process. One advantage of practicing yoga at home on your own is that, first of all you are at home, nobody is watching you, and you can enjoy yourself on fullest.  You will be able to keep track of your own progress and results, without any destruction from other people.

However, before you start practicing yoga at home talk to your family about your decision. Explain them that it’s very important for you. They have to understand that for you to be able to practice yoga and enjoy it, you will need time and space. Of course, do not bring discomfort to your family but just ask them to give you that hour or so a day, so you can concentrate on yourself, your body, and your feelings.

If you have children, it’s not an excuse to miss out on practices. Do it while they are sleeping. For more relaxation and solitude, turn on some nice and slow music and enjoy leaning yourself!


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