How to Change Your Life to Wealth and Success Cardinally


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Today we are going to talk about the fact why some people achieve positive changes in their life only after they succeeded to change their attitude to the life. And how at all one can change his life in the direction of wealth, success and happiness correctly and dramatically even if recently these words have not been associated with your personality.

In the last article about the secrets of happiness and happy life I already gave the formula of selective thinking that can make you happy easily if you practice thinking correctly and change your attitude towards negative real-life situations and life itself. If you care about this issue, and you are still not happy, read this article and we’ll go farther and think how to use this effect to be happy and rich.

How to become rich with the help of thinking?

Sometimes such effect of selective thinking can be seen in large groups of people. For example, unhappy and unsuccessful people often see only difficulties. That is why they get usually difficulties in their business.

As for rich and happy people, they can see maximum opportunities for development and realization of maximum profit in any business. Although, both categories of people may engage in exactly the same kind of business. But some people make a profit while others make a loss. And even if a good “lucky” businessman makes a loss, he will survive it easily and start the next business that will bring income.

And here’s a loser businessman. He believes that if his first business failed, then all is lost, while for happy people it’s just the beginning with the first unsuccessful attempt. But in fact, the analysis of many hundreds of biographies of successful businessmen proves that more than 80% of them were bankrupt not once and not even twice, but sometimes thrice.

Whether to give up your business after the first failures?

Though many successful people ran into huge debt, but sooner or later after all they became rich and famous. Even the great Hilton in due time was poorer than a bum in the subway, but today he is the owner of the largest hotel chain.

If you remember, even Steve Jobs was discharged from the company he had created with his own hands. It doesn’t matter! He didn’t give up and start developing in his favourite business. Everything fell into place rather quickly.

Just that very fact distinguishes a successful person from the loser. A successful person is successful because even having failures he always thinks of success and believes in success. A loser gives up at once. However, they will never change their life in this way. Sometimes one should try again and again, 5, 10 and even 20 times running.

People who don’t believe in success have not the strength to do the same. It proves that people who are happy to work by vocation will become rich, independent of their place of residence, the government, taxes, and well-being of the people. Believe me, even just a state of happiness, purpose in life, and selective thinking concentrated on your work can do incredible miracles, that you cannot even imagine. If you do not believe, try it yourself.

Why do the Jews become rich very quickly?

Sometimes the whole nations are subject to this selective business thinking. For example, it is observed that people who live in Israel – Jews, are often richer than all other nationalities. Have you ever thought what the reason is for that?

But there is no magic and a great mythical exorcism, these people can think much about how to earn money, and be obsessed with it so much that they see only opportunities to earn money. I don’t say whether it is bad or good. Just such priorities and ideals are usual things for this nation. It’s just a national peculiarity.

How it occurred is another question, and not the material of this article. But of course, their selective thinking always helps see dozens of opportunities to make money, which anyone else usually does not notice. It is not strange for me why now more than half of the world’s money, fuel, goods, and about 90% of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions are under their control.

Yes, it is so easy to earn money that even a banal power of selective thinking can help you earn millions quickly and easily. So, if your real goal is not to be happy, but just to make a lot of money, then you can stop reading this article and go to put into practice what you have learned.

Although, no, of course, I am joking again. But in fact, this method has a big disadvantage: such people with the mercantile thinking are usually unhappy in other aspects of life, because the life and happiness are replaced by earning money.

Do not wish money, it is better to wish happiness

Naturally, therefore they do not go in for sports, they live with unloved wives. And in any case, the whole life depends on money. But lofty sentiments such as love are considered to be something minor and insignificant. Nevertheless, it is not so bad for us, because now we are going to avoid this disadvantage and at the same time to become rich and happy and not to lose ability to love and feel.

We will use the similar method of selective thinking in hacker’s way. We will try to hack it and direct not to money or relations with the opposite sex, but in general to all spheres of life at once.

How to change your attitude to life

As you could guess, all you need to change your attitude to your life is the word “happiness”.

After all, it’s logical, for almost all people, happiness means a loved work, which brings a lot of money, a happy family life, good health and creative self-realization in favorite business and much more.

I’m sure that everyone can complete this list with things he needs to be happy, because almost everyone needs something special, essentials for happiness.

There are two variants how to get everything taken together: you may do it individually. You may look for a good work, then an ideal family, later create a perfect health, then a bank account and so forth on a list.

I hope you understand that this way is utopia and till you find something from this list individually you will lose all the rest. So, you will go round in a circle now losing something, then getting something, but you will never become happy.

However, there is the second, more interesting way how to change your life to happiness and success, which I propose to you today. It is easy to become happy and all other elements of happiness will come into your life automatically. I hope you expect to get this kind of result reading this article.

How to change your life radically?

In order to change your life radically, you should change your attitude to it and your thoughts. Only those things that are fed by our attention and thoughts can occur in our life. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Therefore, in order to have more happiness in our lives, we will feed happiness with the help of our attention. As opposed to absolute majority of common people, who feed their powerlessness, unhappiness and poverty.

You must agree, the vast majority of modern people more and more often think of negative things and failures than about positive changes and wellbeing. So why do these people still sincerely hope to become happy? It is illogical and impossible.

Success looks unwillingly into the life of a person who attracts negativity and unhappiness to himself. And the life of such people will go from bad to worse.

Although let’s stop chattering, let’s do a little test and find out how happy you are and whether you are ill with this disease, making your life worse and worse. After all, mostly the bad governments, naughty children, annoying relatives or a small salary are not guilty of our failures, but we are guilty.

Therefore, in the next article, you will have a small test to learn how happy you are and you will find answers to a lot of questions.

That is all for today. I wish you to start changing your life to wealth and success, always be in good spirits and attract only good luck, happiness and wealth.


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