How to Reveal Your Femininity



A person, born in female body, has to realize that she has to conduct herself in a female way and has to develop her femininity and female nature. Since the beginning of life its has been considered that the main mission of women is to be mothers and wives and only then accountants, chief deputies etc.

This is our true nature. A woman is born to love, take care create warmth and happiness around her, in short – a woman is born for a family life. But, unfortunately, education that women get nowadays has nothing to do with family life.

Do We Learn to be Real Ladies?

russkaya-svadba-tradicii-obychai-237x300Modern education enables women to be strong and active in social environment, to be aimed at work, social status promotion, administrative status or simply gives a chance to obtain certain specialty. But this education is of a masculine type; it isn’t related to the development of feminine psychological nature development.

As a result, woman’s psyche id deranged, her natural femininity gradually fades away, and her hormonal functions fail only because she directs her efforts in the wrong way. This may also results in reduced ability to feel happy, with women’s happiness being primarily represented by family life. Keeping family altogether takes up 70% of woman’s energy.

It is the woman, who has to build relationships with husband and kids. If she doesn’t put much effort, the family may fall apart as a man naturally cannot regulate family relationships. They are to be set by the woman. If a woman spends much time at work, her life turns into a tasteless candy – it looks nice on the outside, but has no taste when you eat it. You may wonder why?

The reason is that we spend our feminine energy not on creation of a happy family, husband, kid, but on work, communication, firmness, flexibility i.e. qualities, peculiar to men.

Imagine a dolphin. It can live without water for a certain period of time, like, jumping of it in the process of play. But its natural environment is water, in which it gets is energy. In the same way, natural environment for a woman is family; natural environment for a man is society.

If a man spends too much time in the family, he gets sick and miserable. Same with women. They get sick and miserable if they dedicate too much time to social activity. Each woman has to treat her work as a hobby. Remember, you will thrive in the area in which you put more effort. If spend more time at work, you’ll develop yourself in work environment, if you put more effort in your family, it will thrive. The choice is yours!

How Does Femininity Show Itself and How to Work on It?

Our femininity has weaknesses. If a woman has Mars dominating, she is strong; all the men around her are weak. The woman should realize that if her man or husband is around her, she should give him the last word and bring up a lion in him. Each great man has not less great woman behind his back, a woman, who did not subdue her man and let him play the leading role.

If want to work on femininity and become a happy woman, principal thing for you to do is to “harmonize your Venus.” Planet Venus represents femininity; it is the Goddess of love and beauty. It is the Venus that endows us with feminine refinement, sensitivity, and nobility.

The signs of a strong Venus are: generosity, humor, communicability, kindness, ability to love and receive love and also gracefulness, pleasant voice curly hair, beauty. (If want to learn more about relationships between men and women, read the book by John Gray “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.)

 How to Amplify Women’s Energy?

I’ll give several ways to amplify women’s energy: — Massage. A woman’s body simply needs to be touched. We have to move and stretch our bodies. Otherwise, the energy stagnates, creates pressure on the body and causes sicknesses. — Communication with other women – mutual exchange of energy strengthens women.

A woman realizes her problems much better communicating with her friends. — Going to hairdresser’s. A nice haircut is not simply a way to cheer yourself up. Women’s hair is the reflection of their thoughts. That’s why in India, where Vedic knowledge is quite popular, a woman’s haircut has huge significance. — Going for a walk.

A woman has to go outside at least once a day. Despite being queens of hearth, our connection with nature is very important! —Music. Listen to mediation and classic music. It is also a great way to amplify your women’s energy and become more feminine. — Taking a bath with petals of roses and oils is necessary!

By give your body this treat, you’ll be surprised with your shine and happiness. — Meditations, as well as any relaxation exercises, increase the level of women’s energy. You may find a lot of information on meditation and femininity induction on the Internet. One should meditate at least once a day, before going to bed or in the morning. Meditation, done outside, are very useful. — Shopping.

It is not simply a way to look at new things. Learn how to browse shops even if you don’t have any money. Try thing on. Enjoy your beauty. Remember, women’s energy is so strong, that sometime seeing or touching a thing is simply enough for it to become a part of your wardrobe. The money will come “as if from nowhere.” — Dancing.

Any kind of dancing is an excellent thing to amplify your feminine power and sexuality. Eastern types of dancing, pole dancing, latina are rather good. — Yoga. It balances your mind and gives power. — Taking care of flowers. Having a small garden or a flowerbed is another way to produce women’s energy.

Blossom and growth of plants reflect women’s energy. — Help. Help somebody or ask for help. These things strengthen a woman. Learn not to use the “I’ll do it by myself” technique as it is a typical technique for men.

— Visit bookstores or read online. It may surprise you, but walking around book inspires women. Try to dedicate at least a couple of hours each week to it. A woman is knowledge-keeper. Books are the source of knowledge. — Culinary. Everything related to cooking amplified women’s energy.

A woman is a lady of the house who can feed and give drinks. If you can’t cook, learn how to do it. If you can cook, improve your skills. Learn different cuisines. Cook with love, flavor your food not only with spices but with spiritual love! — Planning. Any unfinished business or doubt can destroy women. A clear plan is another way to keep your femininity.

Learn how to plan even the smallest things, then start planning a couple of months or even years ahead. — Educating, bringing children up. By communicating with children a woman can amplify her energy. That’s why, sometimes, it is not worth to refuse playing with children.  What’s even better is to teach children the things you can do, like drawing, singing, dancing… – It is not just a way to be attracted to men but also a way to please yourself.

That’s why, while being at home, it is important to do haircuts, try different clothes on and use makeup. — Wearing skirts, dresses. These clothes reproduce the connection with kin energy on the woman’s side. Your man will like these clothes much more than shorts. — Young mothers club.

If you have a small child, communicate with other mommies. It is not only an exchange of experience, but also an exchange of energy. Motherhood is embodied by the Moon. The Moon is women’s energy. 

— Feed the needy. Mercy is a quality that amplifies Moon energy. I bet, there’s a person, who you can make happy with the smallest thing. Buy fruit for your lonely neighbor; treat your sudden guest who has just dropped by with a cup of team. — Communication with the Master. Visit a lecture of your favorite author or training.

Books give knowledge. No doubt about it. But after meeting with the Master we get energized from this person. — Keep a diary. Write down your thoughts, wishes, and goals every day. You paste some pictures in your diary or draw by yourself. Your feelings are important!

That’s it is important to write them down. By accumulating the energy of emotions, a woman will then have to vent it on her man, which is not quite good. Besides, writing your thoughts down promotes their analysis and you’ll become wiser. — Make an album of your nice pictures.

Paste your best photos in it. And don’t be shy to admire yourself. Remember, you are always beautiful. — Tender words. Learn to communicate without aggression and pressure. Women’s energy blossoms after a couple of tender words said by you. Swearing and calling names devastate women’s energy. — Cleanness.

Keep your apartment, body and mind clean. Clean your house in time. Don’t keep negative memories of the past. — Decorative and applied arts. Knitting, embroidery, modeling, designing cards for friends and relatives, and everything that you can make with your own hands amplify your women’s energy and make you more feminine. — Make compliments. Compliment on yourself and other women.

A kind word makes us stronger. If it is hard for you say something god about other women, do something about it. Women’s aversion can complicate the relations with mother, mother-in-law, daughter. — Express your love. Express you love in any form, any time. It is the best way to develop your character’s feminine side.

Hug and kiss the ones you love. Express your love to the world, people, your possessions. Express it to the sun, wind, rain, and even to your sadness, as love is your teacher. — The right nutrition. Use products that are more natural. Can you remember, what power does an apple, taken from the tree, gives you? Or consider a hamburger. These things differ significantly. — Charity. It is a pure expression of women’s energy. If you can help a person, do it.

 Women’s Self-loving

And now, we’ll talk about the most important thing – “Love to yourself.” I think that there isn’t more important component of femininity as “Love to yourself.” To love yourself means bringing miracles in your life. I mean self-respect, taking care of your body and mind, and gratitude.

Love to yourself is when you really love and accept yourselves as you are. Mental balance and self-realization are a key to future wholesome changes in all spheres. Love to yourself starts with denial of any self-criticism.

Dissatisfaction that you express to yourself, — you constantly blame and criticize yourself; — you treat your body badly, abuse food, alcohol, smoking — you inspire yourself with the idea that nobody loves you — you live chaos and disorder is denial of everything good that you have and is dislike if yourself. Completely deny self-criticism.

In order to have this ability, we have to realistically look our drawbacks. This will help us find the barriers, created by us, hindering us from being those, who we are supposed to be. Many of these barriers are prejudices, perceived by us in our childhood, in society, with friends.

If we have adopted them some day, we can forget them now. We can learn to love and cherish ourselves today. Important thing is to remember that the problem your self-criticism lies in your stereotype of thinking. Any stereotype can be changed that’s you should always control your thoughts.

Femininity Development Techniques

Femininity level increase. Exercise 1 “The Mirror” Stand or sit in front of a mirror. The point is that you have to see your reflection and look into your eyes. Then utter the affirmation words “I love myself, I except myself as I am, I am feminine, I am beautiful” and convince yourself in it.

You may do this exercise 5, 10 minutes a day or several times a day. The more the better! Seeing yourself in a mirror you may utter any affirmation words that you may need on this day. For instance, “I am cinfident”. Frequent repetition of affirmation turns into persuasion. Persuasion, in its turn, draws everything what you are convinced of. Persuasion is inner subconscious law according to which you build your life.

 Exercise 2 “Morning Mantra”

Waking up in the morning, please yourself, smile to yourself, express warm attitude to yourself. You say something like ‘I admire myself, I like my eyes etc.’ In the end, say how much you love yourself.

This exercise is better to be done in the morning as the connection between our consciousness and subconsciousness is like a thing line. We may program ourselves. This exercise will help you become more confident and treat yourself with more energy, love, admiration. This is the way ro start every morning.

 Exercise 3 “Emotions Management”

Write down all your negative emotions, roar, cry, beat up a pillow. This is our negative emotions coming out. In this way you’ll see that it is better to yield, say nothing, accept beause you have already vented your negative emotions. Dear women, do these exercises in order to amplify women’s energy and become more feminine.

Use affirmations to change your consciousness, ejoy changes in your life share your experience with other women. In fact, there are lots of exercises. On the Internet you may choose various exercises that best suit you. I wish you women’s happiness, prosperity; make yourself new every day and you’ll have bountiful presents from your destiny.

And, of course, visit our portal more often and read more articles on the secrets of women’s attraction, wisdom, zeal, about family relations. You may also download a whole book on love, relations and lots of other topics.


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