Psychology: How to Understand Men?



Many modern women ask themselves about men’s psychology and how it actually works. How to understand your second half and men overall? Indeed, men and women are so different that sometimes it feels like they speak different language! They react differently on the same situations; differently accept the information, differently showing their feelings.

Men’s Psychology vs. Women’s Psychology

The difference between men’s and women’s psychology are not due to education, but more because of the objectives in men’s and women’s life. So it’s very silly to try men to feel or act in the same way as women do, and the end result won’t be satisfied for both sides.

Unfortunately, today we live in a society where people pay attention to education, professional skills, outlook, but not to the effective relationships between man and woman. That’s why it’s so hard for women to understand men: to understand what they want from life, from women, what is their fear, what do they try to achieve, and how do they prefer to act.

Today, we will talk about how to understand men, from women’s point of view; how to avoid conflicts which seem to appear from nothing.

Men Say it straight but Women Hint

So, the first thing that women need to understand is the fact that, in general, guys are very straight forward. They prefect either say it straight, or to be quiet.

On the other side, women will never say it straight, but communicate by hints, hiding the meaning of what they are saying between the lines, and think that men communicate the same way. This miscommunication is because men are more logical, as opposed to women: they are more intuitive. Men operate by specific tasks. Women operate by hints and riddles.

How Women can Understand Men?

First what women need to accept is the fact that to understand your man better you have to realize that he almost always mean whatever he is saying.

If he tells you he doesn’t want to go to the cinema because he is tired – it only means that he doesn’t want to go to the cinema because he is tired. That’s it. In turn, woman starts trying to find a trick, thinking that “maybe he is trying to say that he is tired from me? Maybe he got sick of me? Or he doesn’t care about our relationships anymore?” and so forth.

Stop trying to find any hidden meaning from the words of your second half, thinking non-stop about what he meant. Most of the time, he meant what he said. It’s not worth it to start any fight or scandal just because you imagine something that actually doesn’t even exist.

Men don’t Understand Hidden Meaning of your Words

After the first reason of miscommunication between men and women, its necessary to understand the second reason, which is men don’t get female’s hints from hidden context. Since men always say it straight, they think that women are the same way. For men, words are first of all is a way to share the information, but not feelings and emotions.

So, second thing to accept to understand your man better is to stop trying to hide the meaning of whatever you are trying to communicate to him. Stop torture him by hidden actual meaning.

How to Explain Man What do you want?

Remember: if your man is asking you what you want to get as a present for whatever celebration – don’t give him an answer with hidden meaning. Say it straight!

Another situation: you man is asking you what’s wrong with you, it’s better to tell him everything instead of an answers such as “nothing”. In most situations like this, man will only shake his shoulders and move aside, provoking a fight.

The only thing is that it’s not him, provoking a fight. It’s a woman, by not knowing man’s thought process. Communicating with a man try to avoid hints, hidden meaning, and hidden information between the lines, as much as possible! He will only understand clearly and make a conclusion from what you tell him straight.

Also, try to forget the provocative questions such as “tell me honestly, am I fat?”, or “Is this dress looks good on me?” The man will be honest! And you will be mad at him for a week, won’t talk to him, suffering yourself and torturing you man.

He just won’t understand what he did wrong! You ask his to be honest and he was. So, if you are not sure if you want to know the truth – don’t ask.

Why he is Quite?

Many women get frustrated and very worried when their man is quite. If your second half comes home and doesn’t want to answer your questions, trying to be quite more, the woman starting to panic and start thinking about what she did wrong and why he is mad at her.

If a man wants to be quite for a minute or he doesn’t want to answer your questions, woman immediately start concluding that he has something to hide. Maybe he did something wrong. Or he just doesn’t trust her because he is not saying anything.

In reality, it’s not true. For many men quietness is just a way of relaxation and method of thinking about what decision to make is certain situation.

Women’s way of relaxation is more of a talking to each other, which is completely opposite from men’s. That’s thy, just give your man a space when he needs it and he will be very appreciative.

Why is He not Answering your Questions?

If a man doesn’t answering your questions, there is only one conclusion: he is scared to give you “wrong” answer and get you frustrated. Probably, you always judge him for his honest and straight answers, which didn’t meet your expectations.

You get mad at him, frustrated, make a scandal, etc. Of course, he’s got sick of it, and now he prefers to keep his mouth shut, instead of getting the scene from you again for not giving you the answer that you want to hear. Or maybe, you are not that far away from the day when your man will run away from you because of everyday pressing that you give him.

So again, don’t ask him questions, the true answer for which you won’t be able to accept calmly. If you did ask that type of question, don’t judge him for his answer and more importantly, don’t make scenes.

What to do if a Man gets way from you?

A week ago he was very nice, attentive, thoughtful to you, and all of the sudden he is focused on work, his friends, and his hobbies? It seems that he gets cold to you and trying to get away? Don’t get alarmed – it’s absolutely normal for men, and this type of attitude doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore.

For man, relationship is a repetitive circle of getting further and closer to his second half. Remoteness is necessary for man because he needs to feel free and independent, so he can understand that he is still “the owner” of his own life. He needs that space, and more importantly is that he wants to come to you during that phase.

Imagine that you and your man tighten together with a robber rope. When your second half gets very close to you the rope is falling down. When that happens, your man needs to get away, to tighten the rubber rope back to realize how much he needs you.

Men’s Psychological View of Ideal Relationships

However, when woman feels that her man gets away from her, she start trying to get him back at his “place”. The “rubber rope” doesn’t get tighten back up in this situation and man doesn’t feel the need to get back to his woman. Moreover, he tries to get away even more!

During this phase man is checking out if he didn’t get “too dependent” from his woman and these relationships; if he didn’t lose himself in it.

If a woman doesn’t understand it, she becomes an association of a “mom” that doesn’t let his son to play outside a little bit. Remember, men don’t like when someone makes a decision for them!

But if a woman understands this phase in man’s life, she can use it on her own advantage. As soon as you feel that your man gets away – don’t try to catch him. Let him be while you are busy with your own work and hobbies and friends.

Men Like to Feel Free

Let your man and yourself be free! This way your man will want to get much closer to you very quickly, realizing that you are his own choice and not just a habit.

Men in general appreciate the freedom, and a wisdom woman has to make at least an illusion of that. Here a paradox:  if a woman is ready to give her man a freedom, a man will want to be with her forever.

However, if a woman won’t let her man to have any space, he will want to run away from her as soon as possible. To understand men completely, you have to remember that.

On this statement we would like to finish our article today. Hopefully, you got to know a little more useful information about Men’s Psychology, as well as its basics in understanding men’s attitude. If you found some “mistakes” in your relationships – don’t worry! It’s never too late to correct it.

We wish you happy and healthy relationships with your second half! Support your man and he will break the mountains for you!


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