Secrets of Happiness and Happy Life

Today we will talk about the secrets of a happy life and how to become happy in a fairly quick time, even if the state of happiness escaped you previously and didn’t let you stay in it for a long time.

I have already told that you can even train the ability to feel happiness and the predisposition to this activity, moreover, usually, people train not to feel it in the course of their lifetime, that is why their life becomes unhappy and unsuccessful. And this is the main secret of happiness – in order to feel happiness, it’s not enough just to live as the next man and just to hope.Secrets of Happiness and Happy Life

Statements of happiness

To begin with, you should learn and understand two very simple and commonplace statements but which are very important for understanding the essence of happiness; statements, which are true and always right for absolute majority, more than 99.9% of people.

The first statement of happiness and the first secret of happiness lies in the fact that: “A conscious person can control his thoughts and choose on his own what he thinks about.”

And the second secret of happiness: “A human life and a person is the set of all his thoughts, which he thinks during the day”.

What is necessary to become happy?

As I said, it is easy to be happy. In order to get that done, one should just learn, understand and, above all, believe and introduce these two short phrases into the real everyday life.

Theoretically, if you memorize and follow these two secrets and principles of a happy life, you will be able to forget about other problems with self-development because you are already officially happy.

I will explain to those, who have understood these commonplace phrases by halves. Indeed, the majority of people can control their thoughts by the effort of will. After all, if we want, we can think about a big elephant, for example, or about a little mouse, or a cold ice cream. We can also think of a sour lemon or sweet sugar.

Is it possible to control the state of happiness?

You can also control the state of happiness and emotions, thinking about those who you love, a moment later about those who you hate, at will, in 2 minutes you can recall starving children in Africa or the greatest success in life.

Perhaps, nobody will protest and doubt that conscious people can control their thoughts and think about what they want.

I do not even say that one should learn to imagine and visualize this «happiness». You can just think about it. It’s the same as to pronounce the word “elephant” in your thoughts, but don’t say it aloud. Nothing more. It is easy even for a 5-year-old child.

If you have a problem with it, and you can not think about a certain emotion or things for a long time, you can and even must train this ability.

Just sit down and think about an elephant. Any luck? That’s done! You are trained. Well, it’s a joke. Of course, there are more difficult exercises for professionals that will help you be happy every day and in any situation.

Practice. Let’s learn to think of one thing, although we see quite another

Start practicing exercises to gain happiness. Sit down in front of the TV and turn on any channel. Watch this channel during 10 minutes understanding everything that is happening there, at the same time keep the word “elephant” in your head. Just watch TV keeping in mind that you have to remember about an elephant during 10 minutes.

To complicate exercises, communicate with a real person during 10 minutes and do not forget about our elephant. Is it difficult?

There is the most difficult exercise for the most experienced people and those who could cope with previous exercises from the first time.

The exercise, actually, is the same as the previous one but we will do it all the day instead of 10 minutes.

And instead of the word “elephant” we will take something more real, for example, the word “happiness”.

After all, you are reading the article exactly about happiness so, let it be such a positive word. If you manage to do this super complicated task – to recollect the word “happiness” as often as possible and keep it in your head, then you can consider that you’re already halfway to absolute success and happiness.

Now you can always use this gimmick to neutralize any negative influence in quarrels with others. And it works really with any people with whom you can communicate without irritation at the same time keeping in your head the word “happiness” and you can answer their questions reservedly and gently.

Just repeat to yourself or just keep in your head three simple words “happiness”, “kindness”, “love.” Besides, smile and defuse a conflict as much as possible just as someone starts shouting at you or taking offence. You will see immediately that the development of quarrels and other negative events will go in another way than usually. Conflicts will gradually leave your life.

You can even sympathize with the person shouting at you because thus he brings negativity into his private life. And when you become more conscious, you will start understanding how ridiculous you looked previously when taking offense at someone who tried to prove something.

What does a happy person think about?

Now let’s examine the second main secret of happiness «the person is what he thinks».

Even a child can understand this phrase. To be more precise, one shouldn’t understand this phrase at all; one must just believe in it.

And then you will see that this is true. In any case, even if it is not so, what’s the difference? Because this simple belief actually helps you become really happy, rich and successful.

There is no task to learn everything in the world and to be able to ground everything.

In fact, it is quite simply to substantiate this phrase but it will take a lot of your time.

You will learn by your experience that it is true in a few days or even this very day. Remember: your experience is the most important proof. If you become more happy thanks to it, why not try to believe in it.

Let’s join these two phrases

And now, having combined two happy phrases, we get more strange picture. It turns out that if we remember the word “elephant” the whole day, we will become an elephant in the end of the day. No, of course, this is a stupid joke. Moreover, I will disappoint you, especially, if you have already guessed the secret way of happiness. In fact, even if we remember the word “happiness” till the end of the day, however we will not be happy thanks to it.

If you think about happiness, you will be happy

However, there is also a positive moment, which I hope, will give back a little bit of optimism to you. If you remember and think about an elephant long enough, there will be really much more elephants in your life than usually and you will meet them in increasing frequency. Not in the truest sense of the word.

Perhaps you will see someone reading the book about elephants somewhere in the subway or the bus or you will see advertizing with an elephant or a broadcast about animals on TV, or a broadsheet with an elephant somewhere in the street.

And, perhaps you will hear someone speaking about elephants in the crowd or your friends or relatives will start a conversation on such a quite rare topic.

In general, if you’re bored, you can even check this on your own and try to carry out an experiment with the word “elephant” or any other word.

The main criterion is to recall and keep in your mind the thought of it as often as possible. Then things will come out okay and at the same time, you will practice and have fun. It is obvious that because of this nothing bad will happen to you, if you, of course, do not think of bad words.

So, I see, perhaps, you have strained yourself and seen through my “gimmick” on visualization of elephants, happiness and something like this. Maybe, someone thinks that this is a crazy children’s magic that must be tested. Perhaps, someone considers that it couldn’t be true and all of this is ravings.

But I will surprise you, firstly, I understand what I speak about, and I speak about it consciously, and secondly this unusual method has no concern with magic. Theoretically, one can find at least five rationalizations and scientific explanations to this fact. Though, really, medieval people easily would call it magic, superabilities or esoterics. But all of this can be explained quite banally from the point of view of ordinary psychology for students.

Selectivity of thinking

Any psychologist and even an ordinary person understand that if you think of an elephant all day, you will for sure notice someone reading a book about an elephant next to you in the subway and so on. The human thinking just reacts in this way: we often notice the things we think about.

A story about a butterfly and a fly

It is similar to a tender butterfly seeing only bright and beautiful flowers in the field. While, a dung fly usually sees only cow dung in the same field.

And, of course, the butterfly sees odorous flowers with nectar for 90% of the time for the whole day, and the dung fly sees manure in the same field, since it digs in it. And also having returned to the beehive a bee always tells its relatives how many flowers it saw around and how many kinds of pollen it found, and a fly tells how many new kinds of “c@c@” it saw today and how it glanced into animals’ ass in order to get it quicker.

Therefore, the principle of this method is to choose consciously: who would you like to be? A beautiful and refined butterfly (a happy and successful person) or a dung fly (a miserable, poor and sick man).

Having made your choice – who you would like to be, start thinking according to your choice. Because a butterfly can’t see shit everywhere and a fly can’t see smelling flowers. It will be not comfortable for them, therefore they see most often exactly what they think about. It is no accident; it’s their real aimed choice to notice flowers and good qualities in people or just only problems and bad qualities of surrounding people.

Therefore, if you decide to become a successful and happy person, start seeing signs of success and happiness in all things. And leave the rest to the people with thinking of the dung flies, who think about negative information and failures for 90% of their day. Let them examine kinds of troubles where they got used to live.

Our secret of a happy life will be to start understanding the kinds of honey and shades of happiness than the kinds of shit and failures, that I wish you.

Moreover, in the next article I will continue to tell you how to use this secret of happiness in business and how to become a rich and successful man thanks to such positive selective thinking. Besides, I recommend to read articles about the secret of success, secrets of wisdom and even about the secret of happy family relations in the modern mercantile society. This information you can find on our Portal of Learning and Self-Development.


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