What to do if you are Bored and Nothing to do


What to do if you are Bored and Nothing to do

Oh, it is a long time if we have to do nothing. True-to-life wisdom says the worst thing is waiting and catching up! However, by unknown reasons, everybody have a great gift and, at the same time, the great punishment – free time. When we have a lot of cases, we dream to finish it quickly – that’s understandable. But if we have nothing to do we are wasting away from boredom – paradox! What does person who really have nothing to do come up?

With your kind permission, we will spend some of your free, but no less valuable, time for some philosophy on our lives before we give you a couple of recommendation and interesting ideas how to spend your free time.

At the beginning of our story, we will tell you a cautionary tale.

The tale of the creature “Nothing to do”

Lived-there was the Time. It really loved people and was happy to come to visit them. In those old days everybody set by guest very expensive, because if the Time leaved somebody the Life done the same

So, if the Time sooner or later is going away, the human tried to stay the dear visitor stayed with him longer. Every second he spent very skillfully, trying to learn a lot and become wiser, to achieve high goals in life.

It was so until in the ancient world didn’t came a creature named Nothing To Do. It run down the streets and shouted: “Why do you work, why do something, people? It’s boring! The Time is leaving you! It is better just to relax, to live happy, isn’t it?”

People have decided that it says wise things – if they haven’t so much time it’s better to do nothing! They dropped everything and started to “twiddle”. But in fact nothing to do it is boring and joy doesn’t increase in life.

Now they must to think out constantly how to occupy their free time, because to do nothing is very difficult! They had a lot of time! Then the Nothing To Do began to speak: “If you have a lot of time, it is necessary to kill it by the fun and amusement!”

For killing the Time, the smart people came up various activities: games, movies and leisure activities.

What happened with the Time? It was very sad of people did that, shriveled up and became less. He was sad that his precious minutes are spent so wrongly. After it The Time didn’t stay for too long with those people and hurried up only to those who still cherished them. Other people remained with their entertainment and lived how the Nothing To Do advice.

Somewhere in their souls, they understood that their life lost all meaning because there is no longer a real joy from work that like, from work on yourself, from improvement. There is only the desire to kill the most precious thing they have – the Time.

But Nothing To Do said that they threw such things out and continued to fun better. And people live to this day, thinking what to do and how to kill your time. Nowadays people are living so, thinking “what to do” and “how to kill their own time”.

The story was a bit sad, but it reflects the essence of the aspirations of our society – to stop using every minute of your life for good, and spend it on entertainment.

Well, it is everyone’s right and moreover a lot of kinds of modern industry with a many ways of killing time gives us the opportunity to do it. We can also advise you on certain questions in the case when you have nothing to do.

Let’s firstly try to see in heart of the problem “nothing to do”. Moreover, we have what to do, we just don’t want to do it. What is the cause of this situation?

Why we don’t want to do something?

The reasons of boredom and unwillingness might to be a lot. Two main reasons of our laziness.

  1. This case not important. You must to do it but moreover external circumstances pressured for you – this situation important for somebody (boss, mother) but not for you

However, you can’t to say “NO” for your chief or to ignore the request of your mother. You’re very gentlemanlike person. So, you must to do it.

People hide in the corner and says: “I haven’t choice. It isn’t good reason for doing something’, and it make us lazy.

In this case, you are looking for how to occupy your free time as it might be more interesting for you as possible. It’s not bad only if you make a conscious choice to spend an hour or two of your life on film, games, and others.

On the other hand not to forget that you aren’t eternal, your time will expire. Perhaps we should spend part of our Time for understand yourself, your motives and the reasons of your laziness and finally understand what to do and what not to do.

  1. You have a lot of free time. You’re lucky – you have a priceless treasure in form of your extra free time. What to do with it – it is your decide. You can to spend it mindlessly (waste of your life) or to invest in assets of your life which will bring you an income. It is those things which you can do when bored at home.

What I’m saying? You have a great opportunity to learn something new, learn a skill, to try different things to expand your horizons, become a little wiser or more attractive externally – entertainment is no worse than movies and games, but contain something useful for you.

Agree, you don’t know anything else, you are the great specialist in her field, and the others skills you think is completely inaccessible.

It is necessary to determine the goal for yourself

For achieving something, you need to set a goal, you have to decide what you want. If nothing – this situation reeks of depression and so you must resolve yourself problems and not to run away from them in searching of entertainment.

Take care of yourself – your time and effort wouldn’t be wasted.

If you have a goals and dreams – do it and every day do something for it. It can be anything – big goals and small business for half an hour which will bring you benefit and joy.

We offer to you a list of interesting big and small things for setting goals for themselves.


  • to play the piano,
  • to swim
  • snowboarding,
  • to knit,
  • to draw,
  • to writing poetry, articles,
  • to cook very tasty
  • to make movies,
  • to photograph,
  • to weave braids
  • to repair a car
  • to create sites (that make money).


  • To jump with a parachute
  • To go on a trip (even a mini tour), hike
  • Learn survival skills in the woods
  • Learn faring language
  • Learn about your character and learn to understand people
  • Create your ideal and unique image
  • To visit old friends
  • To do charity work
  • To remember about parents
  • Get acquainted with your neighbors
  • Write a letter to the future
  • Sell unwanted items
  • To plant a garden at home
  • Read useful book
  • Get a job that you really like
  • Make a collage from old photos
  • To teach someone what you can do for yourself
  • To engage in scientific activity: to explore themselves, the world, the universe
  • To make a gift for someone dear to you

Life can be bright and interesting if you allow it to be for you. Only make your choice not what to do and how to kill time, and to use it wisely for the benefit of themselves and others.


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